Senston-2 Player Badminton Racket Set Review

The Senston-2 player Badminton Racket will help you improve your badminton game to noticeable levels. This badminton racket has a well-constructed frame. It only comes with a few drawbacks which we will touch later in this review article.

Senston-2 Player Badminton Racket Set Review

In the package, you will find a badminton cover and two badminton rackets. Additionally, this badminton racket has been manufactured with a stringing of about 22lbs. Also, the high quality badminton racket boasts of solid construction with one piece design. It also features a built in T Joint inside.

The popular badminton racket has been manufactured in a unique way to improve on the player’s stability while at the same time achieving high precision control performance. Purchasing this badminton racket means that you will have completely avoided deformation. Keep in mind that deformation often occurs when playing rough badminton games. This racket results in more stable and unparalleled power.

The function of the badminton cover included in the package is to protect the racket from damage when not in use. You will also have an easy time carrying your badminton racket with the carrying bag. On the other hand, the over-grip not only keeps your hand dry but it also improves comfort. You also have the full freedom to adjust the over-grip in case you have a different need about the grip size.

Furthermore, the shaft of this graphite has been manufactured with high quality graphite material. Having a weight of about 90 grams means that this badminton racket is quite lightweight. It allows you to enjoy your badminton game without shoulder pain. Be guaranteed that you will always feel better anytime you are playing with this badminton racket. Besides that, the aluminum composite materials in this badminton racket will enhance the overall strength of the racket. In the end, it will reduce the risk of frame deformation.

If you have been looking for a great badminton racket for beginner and casual entertainment, then you will not go wrong with this badminton racket. In case you have any problem after purchasing this badminton racket, you can contact the manufacturer at any time.


  • One piece design outside and Built in T joint inside. The built in T joint inside allow the badminton racket to achieve high precision accuracy. It also avoids any kind of deformation.
  • Over-grip. The over-grip feature keeps hands dry and improves comfort.


There are numerous pros associated with this badminton racket. Let us take a close look at them.

  • It is manufactured with high quality material. Unlike other badminton rackets, this racket is made with high quality graphite. Graphite is known to be durable and good looking. Graphite is also lightweight. This means that you can play your badminton game for a long without experiencing any pain.
  • It comes with a carrying bag and racket cover. While the racket bag protects the badminton racket from damage, the carrying bag makes it convenient to carry this racket.


In this part, we will take a look at the disadvantages of this badminton racket.

  • The strings are very hard. The strings in this badminton racket are very hard and unresponsive.
  • Expensive. This badminton racket is expensive when compared to its quality.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this product comes with all premium features in other top badminton rackets from well-known brands. Finally, you will benefit from the excellent customer service from the manufacturer.

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