Top 10 Badminton Rackets 2021 – Reviews, Buying and Maintenance Guide

If you do not have excellent equipment in your hand, you will never be able to improve on your skills. Additionally, it will be a hard task learning something new. This will always be the case no matter which sports you are interested in. Other than badminton shoes and wrist bands, the Badminton racket is one of the most important things that should not be taken lightly. It is advisable to look for a perfect Badminton racket.

You might be aware that Badminton is one of the most popular sports especially in famous countries such as China, Japan, and Indonesia. As a professional Badminton player, you can agree with me that indeed you are willing to take down your opponent through some skillful shots. There are several important things to look at when purchasing and getting the best Badminton rackets. Power and control are arguably some of the most crucial things you should not forget.

Top 10 Best Badminton Racket Reviews

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It can be a tough task finding a Badminton racket that provides a good balance. That is the reason why we have decided to compile and review these products. Our aim in this article is to help you land reliable and high performance Badminton rackets. Without further ado, let us take a close look at these products.



If you have been lucky to purchase this amazing badminton racket, then you can agree with me that it is an improvised version of previous rackets manufactured by the same manufacturer. In the last couple of years, this badminton racket has been considered as the perfect choice for beginners and intermediates. You can also use this reliable badminton racket if you are an advanced player. All that you should know is that it will never disappoint you.

The most unique thing about this badminton racket is that it is superior in terms of ease of usage. Users will always have an easy time controlling and using this badminton racket. People who have ever used this badminton racket has praised it that they had a comfortable time using it. That will still be the case for you. You will enjoy using this product every day of the week.

The comfort nature included by the manufacturer ensures that you do not get tired easily when using this product. It is important to note that the strongest features in this badminton racket are attack and defense. These features guarantee users more speed and power. Keep in mind that this is great especially if you are using a frontcourt.

Away from that, this badminton racket has emerged as an excellent choice for midcourt. The main reason behind this is that it promises superior control. If you have been searching for a badminton racket that can deliver a high degree of power, then you are in the right place.

Another feature that the manufacturer could not forget when making this badminton racket is the aerodynamic head construction. The main function of this feature is to reduce and minimize air resistance. Also, it will provide a powerful smash. This feature enables you to win numerous points with great ease.

This badminton racket has continued to gain a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. The main reason why this badminton racket is loved by many professional players is that it is designed with a Tri Voltage system. You will easily combine this crucial feature with handles. Therefore, you will be enjoying smooth handling while at the same time delivering shots towards your opponents.

If that is not yet enough, this product boasts of a special sound filter. Similar to other top badminton rackets out in the market, the special sound filter in this racket is on the top of the head. This means that it will produce a loud and powerful sound when the shuttle strikes the strings of the badminton racket. It is worth noting that the sound produced by this badminton racket is powerful to the extent of unsettling the opponent.

Last but not least, the manufacturer has made the frame to be compact and durable. This guarantees the badminton racket durability. The shuttle will travel at the fastest speed when it hits the sweet spot. You will be able to eliminate your competitor in an ideal manner.


  • You will always have a solid feeling when using this badminton racket.
  • It will help you excel in the midcourt.
  • It is the perfect badminton racket if you are a professional player.
  • It is the best in all aspects.


  • The manufacturer should make the smash power stronger.



You can agree with me that this badminton racket looks good in a red and black frame. The unique feature that comes with this badminton racket is the superior quality strings. When manufacturing this badminton racket, the maker designed it to be used for intermediate level gameplay. If you have been looking for a badminton racket that is perfect for getting all the shots right, then you should not leave this racket behind.

It will not only help you get all your shots perfect, but this badminton racket will also enhance your level of advantage a step ahead. Unlike other low quality and cheap badminton rackets available in the market, this product boasts of elastic technology. You will be guaranteed of the badminton racket optimal strength.

The resilience that comes with this product will boost and enhance your game performance. Furthermore, the highly preferred badminton racket is manufactured with high quality and durable aluminum material. The graphite frame in this racket ensures that it serves you for many years to come. If you really want to win your badminton game, then you must invest in this lightweight racket.

The role of the oval shape in this badminton racket is to help players make continuous strikes while at the same time enabling them to add more power and control over the game. When it comes to the shaft of the badminton racket, it is manufactured with graphite. As a dedicated badminton player, the solid strings will help you encounter any ball with confidence.

Deformation will be resisted with the help of elastic TI. Therefore, this badminton racket will recover its shape even during stretches and impact. This makes it easier to launch accurate shots across the net. This is the right time to take advantage of your complete swing over your long term opponent with this reliable badminton racket. If that is not yet enough, the high performance badminton racket comes in assorted colors. Although it might look like an irrelevant feature, it will definitely add more color and vigor to your badminton game.

Moreover, this badminton racket boasts of a high tensile and slim shaft. Although the shaft is very thin, it will help the shutter produce a fast jump. Be assured that this product will definitely impress you when playing the game for sure.


  • This badminton racket is beautifully designed. It comes in numerous attractive colors. These colors help in improving game performance.
  • The highly regarded badminton racket features TI technology. The function of this technology is to add more strength to the overall game performance.
  • The oval shaped badminton racket feature a lightweight frame. The lightweight frame is crucial in making strikes with more power and control.


  • This badminton racket can only be used by intermediate players. This means that it may not appeal you if you are a professional badminton player.



It is by no doubt one of the best badminton racket ever manufactured in the world. Usually, this badminton racket features a slim shaft as well as a frame. The augments present in this product ensure that it delivers high speed performance. Additionally, it comes with string toughness and medium flex. Away from that, this product joins other lightweight badminton rackets in the market that weighs about 80 grams. This lightweight design is very helpful in delivering quick returns.

On the other hand, the included head provides an extra-large hitting surface. Another notable feature that is worth noting in this badminton racket is the large sweet spot. This is the right time to keep in mind that this badminton racket has been manufactured with micro carbon fiber. The carbon fiber will impart strength while at the same time improving the overall stability of the badminton racket. The performance of your badminton racket will also be improved.

Many people like going for this badminton racket simply because it ensures that high performance is delivered. Also, you will like the nine color choices. Moreover, it is among the very few badminton rackets with durable construction. To ensure ruggedness for quite a long time, the manufacturer has ensured that all the quality standards have been met before releasing it to the market.

Furthermore, the control support cup is also available in one of the best badminton rackets ever to be in the market. This important feature will be crucial in that it helps you handle the badminton racket in the best possible manner. If you are an attack minded person, then this badminton racket is meant for you. The heavy duty frame makes sure that you smash easily with little effort.


  • This badminton racket boasts of a lightweight design. It is lightweight simply because the reputable manufacturer has used epoxy resin and strong plastic.
  • This badminton racket is affordable when compared to other products in the market. It comes at a cheaper price when compared to other badminton rackets with the same features.


  • It is not the ideal badminton racket for competitive and intense players.



As you purchase this badminton racket, you should know that it is a professional and dynamic carbon fiber badminton racket. It comes with a protective cover. This is the perfect time to purchase this racket if you are a professional gamer. It will never let you down if you are one of those people who often alter their game styles with an aim of confusing their opponent.

It is a two in one badminton racket that is perfect for mixed players. Furthermore, this product is composed of graphite carbon filters. The graphite material can be attributed to the badminton racket lightweight and strong nature. Additionally, this racket will easily sustain the string tension by at least 30 pounds.

Moreover, this badminton racket comes with all the advantages you would want a high quality racket to have. On the other hand, the flex included on its shaft is medium. It will help you as a player to always have better control when playing with tough players. Also, you will be guaranteed to have exceptional control over the net. You will join other successful players out there who have been claiming that this badminton racket helped them gain experience just after several badminton games.

The high quality badminton racket is a result of extensive and rigorous testing. It has passed through a carefully curated manufacturing process. This makes it an exceptional tool for professional tournament gameplay.

Another feature that will guarantee you an easy time in your game is the built in T joint. The function of this feature is to enhance cohesive strength from the frame to the shaft. It is good to know that you will have enhanced the maximum strength of your badminton racket by more than 20%.

When we talk about the handles in this badminton racket, they are made with the highly preferred carbon fiber sheath. The carbon fiber sheath is said to increase the strength of the racket handle by more than 20 grams. Besides increasing the strength of the racket, it prevents the handle from breaking. You can see that it provides a good grip on the hand.


  • This is the perfect badminton racket you can ever purchase for both recreational and professional level gameplay.
  • It is manufactured with high quality and durable carbon fiber material.
  • It is not only a high quality badminton racket but also an affordable product you will never regret purchasing.


  • Some people have been complaining that the replacements for this product are quite hard to find. The manufacturer should try to improve on this.



You should have no worry if you have always been disappointed by other low quality badminton rackets. This product has got you. The nice looking tournament grade racket is lightweight. Normally, this racket comes with a protective carrying bag. The reason why this product is lightweight is that both the frame and the handle measure about 68 grams.

The powerful and tight string will help you handle the ball like a professional can do. To improve the stability of the racket, the manufacturer has included a T joint in this racket. This makes the affordable badminton racket more flexible. You will have reduced the vibration at hard and abusive play.

It is by no doubt the lightest Badminton racket that is manufactured with T joint. Usually, the T joint creates high strength and a durable frame. You can attest that you would want a badminton racket with all carbon integration. The all carbon integration is for tremendous repulsion. Additionally, the all carbon integration will be helpful in boosting power both at forehand and backhand drive.

If that is not yet enough, this badminton racket comes with a G4 grip. This grip offers the best grip and comfort. This makes it feel very light on the hand. On the other hand, the isometric square head of this badminton racket will equalize the main and cross strings. For more consistent and accurate games, the reputable badminton racket maker has featured a large sweet spot. It is possible to rely on the string bed to play even off center hits pretty easily.

The particle composition of this badminton racket makes it to be thinner and stronger. When compared to other common badminton rackets, this racket is more stable. This ensures that users will have maximum performance with every swing.


  • The badminton racket feels light and great on the hand when it hits the shuttlecock.
  • The reliable badminton racket is pre strung.
  • This product is far much stable when compared to other products. The stable characteristic ensures maximum power and speed with every swing.


  • The tension in the strings of this badminton racket is pretty high. This means that restringing can be a problem later on.
  • The strings in this badminton racket will get worn out easily. The factor behind this is the extremely high tension. Therefore, it is not ideal for smashing.



Nowadays, most badminton players prefer something that combines incredible power with fast racket handling for players. There is no doubt that you might be one of those people. If you are among those players who would want to have all round performance on the court, then you should know that this is a perfect choice that will fulfil all your needs.

The best combination of heavy smashes will be achieved with the use of the Tri Voltage system. Additionally, the heavy balance racket provides ample power for players. At the same time, it enhances the speed of the racket. This enables you to hit the powerful and fast smashes with great ease.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has adopted the rotational generator system. The rotational generator system is useful in equal weight distribution. There will also be exceptional control while hitting the cock. Keep knowing that you will have a smooth transition for the next shot.

Last but not least, the grip on this badminton racket features an Aero Box frame. Players with at least three percent shuttle hold time will find this feature helpful. Plus the nine percent repulsion power ensures that you hit the cock with more power.

The length of the vertical string will be equal to the horizontal strings. This is facilitated by the isometric head shape. In the process, a large sweet spot is rendered. Typically, the weight of this badminton racket is distributed from the tip till the end of the grip. This is for maximum control. What this means is that users will be able to transit from one shot to another smoothly in rapid succession.


  • This product is the perfect badminton racket for almost all types of players. Also, it will support all gaming styles.
  • It features a medium flex shaft that renders great control and speed on the shots.
  • This badminton racket comes with a control support cap that helps in decreasing air resistance while still ensuring the fast movement of the badminton racket.


  • The tension on the strings in this badminton racket is not very impressive. We have witnessed multiple people complaining about that.



It is by no doubt one of the best brands of badminton rackets you will ever come across in the market. As you click the link above, you should be aware that this badminton racket will render the players superior gameplay. With this badminton racket in hand, you will be getting forehand smashes and backhand drives. This means that you will have a rare chance to dominate your opponent on the court.

Additionally, this badminton racket weighs just about 88 grams. It also has a grip size of about G4. Just like other top badminton rackets in the market, this racket boasts of a pre strung. It makes sure that you have tension between 19 and 26 pounds. In terms of the overall length, this badminton racket is about 675mm.

On the other hand, the shaft comes with a medium flex. This helps in handling the shuttlecock efficiently. That is the main reason why this product is regarded as the perfect choice for a badminton game. It will be also an ideal choice for both singles and double games. It will be a badminton racket you will always like using all the time.

Furthermore, you can see that this badminton racket comes at a reasonable price. It will be an affordable alternative for other similar rackets in the market. Moreover, it is manufactured with high quality and durable materials. This makes it durable and high performing when compared to other rackets.

Last but not least, the speed of this badminton racket is impressive. This allows it to respond pretty well to the movement of the hand and the direction of the swing.


  • This badminton racket enables efficient forehand playing. It also allows quick backhands.
  • You can use this badminton racket efficiently if you are an entry level player.
  • Unlike other badminton rackets, this product offers a medium flex. It ensures an even balance for the game.


  • People who have used this badminton racket have claimed that the smashes can be very weak.
  • As a beginner, you may take some time to master the game if you are using this badminton racket.



This badminton racket was introduced back in the year 2011. Also, it is good to know that it was used at the All England Badminton Championships. Since then, the popular badminton racket has been a real winner ever since. The best thing about this badminton racket is the perfect match of technology and design.

Normally, this badminton racket comes in a full length bag. You will find some cool graphics in the frame of this badminton racket. I am sure you will love the striking red and gold color options graphics that come with this amazing badminton racket.

The top badminton racket maker has featured small G4 grips. Although these grips are quite small, they will feel very comfortable to play. It is unique from the rest of badminton rackets because of its aerodynamic qualities. You will get balance and power in the court because of the extra weight on the head. Although this badminton racket is not very heavy, you will always feel great using it on the court.

The shaft is not only thin, but it is also slightly longer when compared to the standard badminton racket. If you have ever seen the Z slash, then you can attest that it is very similar. You will have a better sweet spot with the extra 1 cm addition in length. You can see that the manufacturer has upgraded the frame. Therefore, this badminton racket will perform better on the court. This will be much helpful if you are one of those people with powerful shots.

Furthermore, the string tension in this product is made to be great. It is designed uniquely to allow the users to start playing with it right out of the box. You will be able to manually adjust the strings in this badminton racket if you really like more tension. It is advisable not to increase the tension too much. If you do that, the strings might end up breaking.

Overall, this badminton racket will make you feel like an aggressive player. In most cases, it will produce a sharp and powerful sound every time you hit a shuttle. Last but not least, the large sweet spot guarantees a higher success rate while at the same time having better control.


  • This badminton racket enables you to have better control. The more solid and stable frame guarantees this.
  • You will always have excellent maneuverability when using this badminton racket.
  • There is no doubt you will be unstoppable on those smashes and extra powerful shots.


  • This badminton racket is only for intermediate and advanced players.
  • Your wrists might end up getting tired quickly after using this badminton racket.



You can attest that you would want both power and speed. If you have been searching for a badminton racket that provides maneuverability and excellent control, then you should consider purchasing this great badminton racket. This racket is well known for offering the best performance in terms of speed and power. The speed and power are achieved due to the presence of a box and aero frame.

Additionally, this badminton racket has been designed with the best technology. You will get something that delivers superior performance in the true sense. On the other hand, the two frames allow the users to cut faster and hit harder through the air. Typically, this design features a new grommet pattern. This promises badminton players better and improved performance.

You will have a rare chance to hit successful shots with the isometric shape of the frame. This also allows you to have off centered shots with great success. The function of the metric DR technology is to provide a great shuttle hold, good speed and power.

Last but not least, this racket features a slim shaft. It might be one of the most underrated features in this badminton racket, but this feature will offer more momentum and speed. If that is not yet enough, this product comes with a built in T joint. This feature is essential since it eliminates trembling and shock absorption. As you consider using this badminton racket, you should keep in mind that it is truly astounding. From both worlds, it will always deliver the best.


  • This badminton racket is very fast.
  • It boasts of aerodynamic design.
  • It features the best technology you can ever find in a badminton racket.
  • The shots and smashes in this badminton racket are very powerful. This guarantees you an easy win when using this badminton racket.


  • It is a little bit expensive when compared to other badminton rackets in the market.
  • You should have proper coordination when using this badminton racket.



This badminton racket is designed specifically for you if you are looking for an entry level badminton racket. Additionally, it has emerged as an excellent choice for both beginners and intermediates. You will have an easy time smashing the shuttle with superior accuracy with the perfect balance and flexible shaft. You will also have an easy time adjusting.

Furthermore, the package comes with a cover so that you can carry your badminton racket around with great ease. It has received a lot of praise as a solid racket. This makes it great for recreational badminton players. The flex in this badminton racket makes it unique. The flex will bend easily when you smash the shuttle hard and fast. This means that you will have enough time to hit the shuttle back to your opponent.

Away from that, this badminton racket creates a whip effect when smashing the shuttle. You will find an isometric shape with a large sweet spot on the frame of this badminton racket. This feature is crucial in hitting the shuttle perfectly. Be guaranteed that the shuttle will always land at the right spot every time.

As for now, this product is available in two colors. You can choose an either blue or red color. All the options have some nice stripes on its frame. Moreover, the shaft is manufactured with graphite. Keep in mind that this material will not break easily. Unlike in most traditional badminton rackets available in the market, this shaft is very strong to the extent of preventing the racket from deforming.


  • The badminton racket design is durable.
  • This product has numerous color options.
  • The graphite shaft is manufactured with a flex.
  • The affordable option is the perfect choice for beginner players.


  • This badminton racket is not manufactured for advanced players.
  • It is designed only for recreational use. That is the main reason why it is not used for professional level playing.

Badminton racket buying guide

You can agree with me that indeed purchasing a badminton racket might seem like an easy task. However, it is good to keep in mind that there are numerous things to consider before making a decision to purchase a specific badminton racket.

It is advisable to put into consideration your expertise in the game before making your purchase. It does not make sense wasting money on an incompatible badminton racket that will disappoint you in the future. This is the right time to consider some important parameters if you have had bad experiences with previous badminton rackets. This will enable you to choose the exact racket you have always dreamt of having.

You might have heard that badminton can be an endurance game especially where nonstop rallies are highly possible. You must have a badminton racket that makes you comfortable in order to stay focused and ahead of the game. A comfortable badminton racket will make you confident when handling it.

Kindly take a close look at the following parameters if you really want to avoid regretting purchasing your badminton racket after purchasing a few games.

How to choose the best badminton racket for your needs


It is one of the most important factors you should consider when purchasing a badminton racket. There are numerous options available in the market. Kindly go for that which suits you better. Usually, the overall weight of the badminton racket ranges from 50 grams to 120 grams. It is mostly based on the material used. While some of these weights are added deliberately by the manufacturer, some are just reduced in weight. The main aim of this is to bring a particular characteristic. Let us take a close look at types of weights.

The heavier ones

Novice players and people who prefer badminton rackets that help in learning the badminton game should go for heavier badminton rackets. A heavier racket will help you improve eye and hand coordination. They will always stay single while maneuvering the badminton racket. This means that you can easily make slow and steady shots.

Such types of badminton rackets are very useful when it comes to defensive players. The reason behind this is that they provide more control over the racket with relatively slower movement. In turn, you will have greater control over the shuttle. In the process, you will be able to defend heavy smashes with great ease.

The lighter ones

Badminton rackets that weigh about 70 grams are considered as the lighter ones in this case. The most offensive players prefer going for lightweight badminton rackets. In most cases, offensive players require great mobility and agility. Although a lightweight badminton racket cannot pass the same momentum what a heavy racket can do, you will be having an easy flick ability that will help you in attending fast smashes with great ease.

Head Frame Shape

The badminton racket head is another important thing that should be considered. While other heads are oval shaped, other heads are designed to be isometric. Isometric heads are called the square head. It all depends on your play style and ability when choosing between the oval shaped head and isometric heads.

Oval shaped

Badminton rackets that are manufactured with oval shapes means that they are always focused on power. The most interesting thing about these types of heads is that they have a lesser string area considering the horizontal axis. This means that the sweet spot will be less here. Therefore, as a badminton player, you will have fewer chances of missing tough shots if you are not well shaped in the game.

Square shape

It is by no doubt that the square head and isometric head provide more surface area. This increases the chances of attending the shuttle. If you are a defensive player or a beginner badminton player, you will often find square shaped heads helpful.

Shaft stiffness

It is another crucial thing that you should not forget when purchasing your dream badminton racket. Usually, badminton rackets come at three different levels.

Less stiff

Being less stiff does not mean that you can easily bend the shaft and return it back on the original position. In the past, less stiff shafts have been used to control the momentum shared to the badminton racket mostly when a sudden force is applied. The flexible nature of the badminton racket means that energy transferred from your wrist is absorbed. In the process, the momentum will be transferred to the head.

As a dedicated defensive player, this will be quite useful to you more so to clear incoming shots and overheads. It will be an easy task to easily smash without overthrowing.

Too stiff

Extremely stiff shots will absorb little or even no energy from your fast movements. This ensures that the fast speed is maintained. It is worth keeping in mind that the shuttle can be shot pointed towards the exact focus. This type of shaft will be more crucial for professional players of long time smashers. An extra stiff shaft will be ideal if you need raw speed and power.


You can choose medium stiff shafts if you want to stay in between the defensive and offensive play style. This is the right time to consider medium stiff shafts if you want to have a perfect balance between the other two.

String tension

Badminton racket string will be crucial in deciding how you play. In this part, we will take a close look at different string tension.

Less tension

You are advised to start with a string that is less tensioned if you are a beginner. The reason behind this is that less tensioned string results in more tractability of the shuttle cork while hitting. If you are a defensive player, you will benefit from soft tensioned badminton racket simply because they greatly reduce the speed of the shuttle cork. It will be very possible to clear the smashes fast without having to overthrow it away from the baseline.

High tension

You will have more and accurate smashes if you purchase badminton rackets with high tension. If you hit the oncoming shuttle cork, you will have returned it back with greater speed. Remember that the tension is on the higher side. The reactive force is roughly double. The only disadvantage with high tensioned badminton rackets is the control.

Usually, rookies feel it too light. It might be a difficult task to manipulate the cork. On the other hand, professional players should who like going for an offensive play style will benefit from these types of badminton rackets.

You really need to have more reactive force for you to down force or net kill an oncoming cork. If you are one of those few people who are looking for perfect placements, kindly do not leave the high tensioned badminton rackets behind. You will never regret purchasing such types of rackets.


This is the right time to talk about ergonomics. It is obvious that you are not going to enjoy a car or a motorcycle that is designed with poor ergonomics. You will never feel the best level of comfort. Additionally, it will be hard to feel confident while driving.

It has been discovered and proved that ergonomics can greatly affect the skills of the badminton player while playing. Although the tension, weight, and frame shape can greatly influence how you take on your competitors, a wrong handle will end up running up when you are in an intense game.

Nowadays, badminton rackets come in different grip sizes and materials. You should only select that which sits on your palm comfortably. Avoid something which is too thin or too thick. It is not recommended to go for a too thin grip because it might miss from your hands especially when you are playing faster slams. On the other hand, thicker grips will make the player tired. The player will be required to put extra effort to hold the badminton racket firmly. The material used to manufacture the grip is another crucial thing to look at. You will come across some people who are allergic to the rubberized grips. In case you are one of them, then it would be better if you choose the cloth type grip. Avoid plastic based grips. Although it is rare, they might make you feel extra sweaty. This makes it uncomfortable during the game.

The material used

This factor will decide the dynamics and the pricing of the badminton racket you are going to purchase. The best badminton players know that the secret to winning a game is having a racket that is manufactured with normal aluminum and steel rackets. You should look for great rigidity and strength if you are a professional player. You do not have to add extra weight. You should look for badminton rackets that are manufactured with carbon fiber.

Anything that is manufactured with durable carbon fiber has proved to be durable. Carbon fiber is known to offer great strength within less weight. That is the same reason why you find some of the race cars are manufactured with carbon fiber. Its role is to keep the overall weight in check. This ensures great acceleration. All these principles apply with badminton rackets. The most common shaft and frame materials used include aluminum, titanium, and steel. We have also witnessed other composite materials being used.

Crucial questions to ask before purchasing your dream badminton racket

It is good to be aware of the most important questions you should always ask before making a decision to buy a badminton racket. In this section, we will take a close look at some of these questions.

The string tension of the badminton bracket

Less tensioned strings are the perfect choice for beginners and also defensive players. On the other hand, professional players should purchase high tensioned strings. Unfortunately, it is quite a hard task to judge the tension by just seeing. You can ask this crucial question to the retailer and be clear about it.

Whether the racket is pre-stringed

You should have enough knowledge whether your badminton racket is pre stringed especially if you are purchasing your racket from an online store. If you do not do that, you might end up getting only the frame. Usually, the factory strung is the best. This is because they work adhering to the industry standards.

Whether it has authorized service outlets

Purchasing expensive badminton rackets is not a very big deal. You should be careful when looking for authorized service points. Such service points are very crucial simply because they can help you rectify any defects. You can also be in a position to modify the ergonomics such as grips. The most expensive badminton rackets are accurately made.

Most brands have their own authorized service providers who can do the work in a professional manner. These authorized service outlets will also help in finding warranty solutions especially when the badminton racket has some manufacturing defects.

The grip size

You cannot be able to check all those badminton rackets in the demo. You should make sure that the grip size suits you perfectly if you are purchasing your badminton racket in an online store. Alternatively, you can ask any questions you might be having in online forums or ask a retailer. You will always have a hard time feeling the badminton racket full potential when you purchase the wrong grip size. In most cases, the grip sizes range from 3.25 to 4 inches.

Whether the badminton racket has a cover

There are some badminton rackets that come with zip covers with straps. This enables you to carry them like a backpack. On the other hand, there are still other badminton rackets which have a head cover while others come with full covers. This is the right time to invest in a badminton racket that comes with a cover in default. The main reason why you should go for it is that you will not be required to purchase a cover separately.

How badminton rackets get damaged

There is no doubt you would want to take care of your badminton racket while at the same time preventing any damage to it. We have written this section specifically for you.

People spend big bucks on badminton rackets with an aim of wanting it to last. Your dream is to have a badminton racket that delivers the most value for your hard earned money. That is why it is quite important to know things that can make your purchase useless. You should be aware of what you can do in order to avoid such kind of instances in the coming days.

In the past, join issues have been considered as the major causes of racket damages. However, this issue has been corrected in the last couple of years. Most of them are said to last for more than three years.

In this section, we are going to expound on the top reasons for badminton racket damage that are worth watching out. Additionally, we will take a close look at the most important tips and advice you can use to prevent damage. Besides that, you will get appropriate badminton racket maintenance.

Extremely high string tension

It is by no doubt the most common thing that has been associated with badminton racket frame damage. It is said that shoulder problems that are mostly experienced in the game are caused by this factor. It is good to remember that extremely tight strings can break or even cause the badminton racket frame to crack.

Most beginners and intermediate players should consider using a badminton racket with lower string tension. Lower string tension is anything to do with 23 pounds. The end result will be a softer string bed. This means that as a player, you will not be able to feel the shuttle. The downside in lower string tension is that you will have less placement and also control over the shuttle.

Badminton rackets manufactured with lower string tension are said to last for a long time. There are fewer chances of such types of badminton rackets cracking even when the player hits the string bed. If you know more about badminton, then you can agree with me that only experienced, and pro players may use extremely high tensions.

Extra high tensions are usually higher than 28 pounds. In such cases, you will also be required to have an expert stringer. This will ensure that you have an extremely high tension that does not cause any kind of damage. As a beginner, you should only stick to string tensions of about 20lbs.

Incorrect or poor handling

In case you do not like smashing at the cork, then your badminton racket handle can fall off your grip and hit a hard surface. The result is not very good in such cases. The badminton racket can snap into two and end up breaking in many parts if it hits the ground first. Whatever the case is, you would not want to let go of your racket in mid-air. To prevent that from happening, you should apply protection tape on the frame. The role of the tape in that case is to prevent the badminton racket from getting scratches.

Missing or snapped string

You can attest that this one is a no brainer. You should take an action immediately if one of the threads snap. It would be better if you cut all the threads at the right time unless you are in the middle of your tournament. This will prevent excessive damage to your frame.


As a badminton lover, you might be aware that badminton rackets can get a lot of torture from the game. Corrosion is the biggest reason for wear and tear. Usually, corrosion affects all steel badminton rackets. You are required to reapply a fresh coat if the frame paint has begun to chip.

It is obvious that all steel construction in the badminton racket will start to rust. They will mostly develop weaknesses especially when exposed to prolonged moisture. That is why you are advised to store your badminton racket in a dry and waterproof case when you are not using it.

Broken grommets

Grommets are simply small tubes that are found around the frame of the badminton racket. Usually, grommets are included so that strings can pass through them. They are very useful in a badminton racket since they protect the frame from being sliced by tight strings. If the grommets are broken or loose, they should be replaced. The string might start through the frame if they are not replaced. This might cause the frame to buckle or break.


It is the most obvious reason why the badminton racket frame gets damaged. This is most likely to happen when you are playing with your partner in doubles. Although it is more often than not, your badminton rackets are likely to clash.

It all depends on the force you put to the smash in question. To some players, the clash has caused insignificant to serious damage to the badminton frame. For example, a direct clash can make your badminton frame to buckle. This will make it lose its elegant isometric shape. On the other hand, the paint will come off the frame when there is a light clash. Also, the strings will become loose when there is repeated damage.

You can look for a professional to remedy the badminton racket if it has been damaged from a clash. The right professional will reshape the frames and retighten the strings. Some of the professionals might also go to the extent of installing new grommets with the aim of tight strings from slices.

How to maintain and care for your badminton racket

Re stringing your badminton racket

Badminton rackets lose tension. After the strings lose tension, they will start to feel lost with time. You will have a difficult time controlling and placing your shots when your badminton rackets loose strings. That is not what you would want if you just want to win uncountable games in the future.

You might end up having a bump in your badminton game if there is reduced string tension. That is why you should restring your racket at least four times in a year if you play badminton regularly. There are multiple reasons you might want to do so.

You might be forced to have your badminton racket re-stringed if you have broken strings. Additionally, you can solve all these problems by reducing the sweet spot. This will increase the control over your shots. We have compiled some steps that you can use to restring your badminton racket properly.

Step one: Inspection

It does not matter whether you want to restring your badminton racket on your own or take it to a professional stringer. You should consider inspecting it first. You will be able to know whether your badminton racket is cracked or has broken frames after inspecting. This will help you know if you should restring your badminton racket or purchase a new product.

Step two: Decide who will do it

The best way is to let a professional restring your badminton racket. However, it can be cost effective and convenient to do it yourself if you have the necessary experience and tools. Machine stringing is better when compared to manual stringing.

Step three: Choose the perfect string for your badminton racket

Typically, there are three common types of badminton racket strings. They include microfilament, multifilament, and monofilament. Monofilament is not only stiff, but they also allow increased control. On the other hand, the multifilament provides more power. They are also more flexible.
Additionally, they are still and also offer reduced wind resistance. What tells how powerful a string is the load bearing ability. You should try to make an informed decision based on your badminton needs.

Step four: Pick the right string tension

Although we have already discussed this topic extensively, it is considered as one of the most important steps when restringing your badminton racket. The perfect string tension mainly depends on your experience and string type.

Taking care of the badminton racket frame

It is obvious that the frame of the badminton racket is the region that carries the biggest brunt. There are more possibilities that your badminton racket will get damaged at the frame. Kindly remember to look for paint chips when inspecting the frame. Although there might not be a big problem, they can be hard to notice.

Clashes have been associated with the chipping of the paint. Even more crucially, you should carefully watch out if the frame of your badminton racket has cracks. Any crack on the badminton racket will not live long. In most cases, they are found in areas where there is a paint chip.

How to store your badminton racket properly

How you keep your badminton racket will make a huge difference in terms of longevity and performance. Your badminton racket is most likely to get damaged if you often leave it around uncovered. Eventually, it will break and completely damage due to corrosion. Let us take a close look at these tips that come in handy when it comes to storing your badminton racket.

Avoid leaving your badminton racket in your car

It is the worst thing you can ever do to your badminton racket. Usually, temperatures in the car are very high. As we said earlier, extremely high temperatures can cause your strings to damage. It might also ruin the handle of your badminton racket.

Avoid extreme coldness

Similar to extremely high temperatures, cold temperatures can do more harm than good to your strings. Strings will become deadly and flexible as a result of low temperatures. This means that you will always be required to restring.

Store in a well-padded case

The right case for your badminton racket should be well shaped and sufficiently cushioned. It should also be waterproof. In short, the inside part of your case should be dry at all times. From there, you should store it in a dry and cool place away from heat or anything that can break the badminton racket.

Final thoughts

And now that we have reviewed the best badminton rackets in the market, you can choose any of the products from the above list. We hope that you will find this detailed review article helpful in the future.

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